A friend is never wrong …

Dearest Sue,

You were right. I did fall in love with him. Not because anyone told me he was a great guy. Not because I too wanted to have crush like all my other friends. Not because our love story would beat all odds. For the first time in my list of love interests, I fell without the pressure of any force other than my own.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized maybe you are right, maybe I do think of him as more than just a good friend. But I have to deny these feelings because if I don’t I could lose everything. I know that there is no way that the two of us could ever be together. I’d rather live knowing that he is a close and trusted friend than risk losing the deep friendship we have formed over the last few months.

I know he doesn’t feel for me the same way I feel for him. I’m not his type and his family would never approve. He himself would never look at me in any way other than a close friend – at the most.

It sucks that the one person I have come to completely trust is the one person I cannot have. But I am certain that I can find the love I found within him in someone else. I may have fallen for my best friend, but maybe it’s not always best to marry your best friend. Maybe sometimes it’s better for him to stay just that – my best friend. The one I can depend on. The one I can trust. The one I can rejoice for. And the one who one day will allow me the pleasure of attending a wondrous ceremony as his beautiful bride walks down the aisle.

For now I must move on. And hope to one day find the person that will inspire me and allow me to grow as much as my best friend has.


Dreaming Daisy


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