June 29th, 2017

Hey Captain,

How is it that one look at you can turn my whole day around? You are like my North Star, my guide home. You give me a sense of stability. I know that I can always count on you.

Today, I had to endure 3 hours of boring Health and Safety training at work (it ended up being 4 hours but that is a whole other story). Throughout the training, my thoughts drifted to you and how I missed you. I  kept wondering when I would see you again as I knew you were back from vacation. It’s been 2 weeks and I wanted nothing more than to see you and talk to you again.

So here I am in training, day dreaming about my hopes of running into you today and catching up on these last two weeks. After the brutal training ended, I walked toward the exit of the building and of course I see none other than you. There you are, hunched over the front desk computer. I walked toward you, and when you looked up, I could swear that a ray of sunshine shone. It was almost like your face lit up as that beautiful smile of yours spread across your face.

I am more certain now than I ever was that you are what I am looking for. And if I am willing to take a chance on us, maybe we could have a beautiful start to a lifelong love story. My fears and doubts still agonize me, but that all subsides when I’m around you.

I choose you. But do you choose me too?


Darling Daisy



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